The best Christmas gift, ever.

(A Poem that depicts the beauty and unknown  value of a special gift, during  this Christmas season.)

Don’t wander around and look inside the shops,

For the best Christmas gift.
Don’t wait for the footprint of Santa Claus, For the best Christmas gift Don’t look under the Christmas tree For the best Christmas gift.
Your LIFE is, your best Christmas gift, Live, yes, I mean it...LIVE, when you Have a life, SMILE, when you have a face. HELP and HUG, when you have hands. LOVE, and FORGIVE, before your heart stops, DREAM about the sky, stars and Think RIGHT,and search for Gods presence
Around you,  before you are brain dead.
Because you are the unique GIFT from God, For others and for you, let your life be, The best gift wrapped with love, laughter And surprises for the whole world, then You will see the foot prints of Santa                 And hear the carols, every day of your life.

A rose garden in your mind

(Being in peace with your own mind is important for success. Positive thinking is the base of all happiness, let this poem enlighten you especially those who are depressed.)

My dreams are abundant
Like stars in the sky.
Some of them are strong,
As sun and its rays melt
The frozen grounds of
My mind and created an
Ever living rose garden
Within the four walls of
My mind, what a pleasant
Treasure of happiness.

I hope and I wish you all
Will create an ever living
Rose garden in the boundaries
Of your mind and let the God
Protect it, even if there is
Strom, snow or rain outside.
In that very moment onwards
You will realise and feel that
The happiness and success
Encircle your life day by day
Like the sweet smell of the rose.



It doesn’t matter that
I talk like a poet
Or sing like an angel ,
If I am no good at loving
My life is an empty thing
All noise no music.

LOVE doesn’t keep count of
Someone elses faults
It prefers to see the best
in them, being patient and kind
LOVE goes on trusting……
Goes on hoping……
Well there are
three things that last,

Faith, hope and love
But LOVE last longest.

(author unknown to me but based on holy Bible(1 Corinthians13))

Music of love

When you feel the whole world is your own home and the sky is your roof,
when you feel that the trees are growing upwards looking for god,
when you feel the blooming trees are worshiping the lord with their colourful flowers
when you feel the trees are bearing fruits as a note of unselfish love to serve the whole world
There is a silence in this realisation,and in this silence you can feel music in yours self
The music of spritual love, happiness,peace,compassion,and a divine call for service.


Do you believe in hope, do you think it is important to have hope in life?What happens if there is no hope in life? Read the poem below and let me know your views.


The old violin in my heart is
Frozen on this winter and
I can hear only noise; no music,
And the lyric of my life is stolen.

My tender heart is aching and I am
Just like a last leaf in the autumn
Tree, ready to fall on any day and
My mind is floating like a feather

I am holding on to a falling branch
Of a huge tree and I don’t know the
Depth, or the distance I have to travel,
Or to jump to reach the earth as it is

Too dark and cold down there
The wind is so strong and I am
Trembling like a little grass in rain,
Still my dreams are flying up like a

Colourful kite which dance and
Plays with the angels in the sky.
Is it hope leading my life? Or maybe,
I am a hopeless daydreamer.


I think a person who have peace of mind is the strongest person in the world and nonviolence will be his weapon.

Gandhi's words about nonviolence is as follows - "A person who has realized the principle of nonviolence has the God-given strength for his weapon and the world has not yet known anything that can match it".
What do you think?.